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Bore Clamping

Mitee-Bite ID Xpansion Clamps

ID Xpansion clamps are used to hold parts on the internal bore, for high consistency machining on a mills and lathes. Diameters can be from 4,1mm to a maximum of 250mm!

Mitee-Bite Xpansion Clamps - Side-Loc

Side-Loc Xpansion clamps are used to clamp on blind holes with its Side-Loc actuation. Two versions are available, one for milling and the other one used for lathes.

Mitee-Bite Manual Actuators

Manual actuators for mills and lathes. Specifically designed to clamp on blind holes smaller than our Side-Loc clamps would allow. Used in conjunction with our ID Xpansion clamps.

Internal Centering Clamps - Standard Version

Standard version centering clamps are suitable for concentric positioning and chucking inside holes with surfaces prone to damage. Locking pin for precise ball positioning.

Internal Centering Clamps - Rear Actuated

Rear actuated internal centering clamps are ideal for delicate components, the clamps can be actuated from above or below.

Multi-Point Internal Centering Clamps - Heavy Duty

Our internal centering clamps, have proven versatility in clamping on the internal diameters of a wide range of workpieces. A custom length can be specifed.

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Vertical Clamping

A range of vertical clamps that extert high clamping forces with adjustable height settings.

Heavy-Duty Side Clamping

Heavy duty, low height clamps that can hold up to 2.2 tons.

Bore & Shaft Clamping

Unique clamps that allow you to hold internal bores and eccentric shafts.

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