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Clamping Systems

SL0056 - Vice Systems

Vice Systems

Hillcliff vice systems will reduce your setup time and provide high tolerances a great drubability.

Palletising System - SL0430

Palletising Systems

A quick change palletising vacuum system that can be run off standard shop air, easy installation and setup.

Locator Unit - SL0610

Mounting Systems

A cost effective and quick way to hold fixture plates and components maximising machining time.

Clamping Jaws - SL0800

5-Axis Clamping

Maximise your machines uptime and increase your productivity with our 5 axis clamping solutions.

SL0900 - Loc Down Bolts

Pull Back Inserts

Quick change bolts that provide a low cost solution to clamping fixture plates or compoents with accurate positioning.

SL0970 - Glues + Tapes

Glues & Tapes

Mitee-bite grip tape for holding small and thin parts, 3 solutions availble which are paper, mesh or compound for irregular parts.

SL1020 - Soft Touch Clamps

Soft Touch Clamps

Highly accurate CMM fixturing plates and fixturing sets availble, suitable for holding parts while probing.

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More Workholding


Vertical Clamping

A range of vertical clamps that extert high clamping forces with adjustable height settings.

Heavy-Duty Side Clamping

Heavy duty, low height clamps that can hold up to 2.2 tons.

Bore & Shaft Clamping

Unique clamps that allow you to hold internal bores and eccentric shafts.

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