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Coolant Nozzles

6 bar Coolant Nozzles

6 bar Modular Coolant Nozzles

Suitable for most CNC and manual machine tools because of the compact design with an incredible range of movement.

10 Bar Coolant Nozzles

10 bar Coolant Nozzles

A wide range of 10 bar coolant nozzles that offer a open or focused spray with tubes available on many of these nozzles.

33 Bar Coolant Nozzles

33 bar Coolant Nozzles

For the higher pressure coolant systems these coolant nozzles offer increased versatility with benable tubes, angled and fixed ends.

Coolant Nozzle Accessories

Coolant Nozzles Accessories

A range of fittings and connectors that are used with many of our coolant nozzles to adapt or enhance performance.

100 Bar Coolant Nozzles

100 bar Coolant Nozzles

Hillcliff pressure max coolant nozzles will increase productivity and tool life with the high speed stream off coolant.

Coolant Spray Tips

Coolant Spray Tips

The spray tips can be used in conjunction with other coolant nozzles within our range to optimise the flow of the coolant.

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More Coolant


CN0900 Pressure Max Nozzles

High Velocity angled coolant nozzle that has 70 deg articulation max. 100 bar

CN0800 Black Eye Coolant Nozzles

Spherical coolant nozzle which is easy to aim with or without a threaded bore. Max 10 bar.

CN0824 Coolant Nozzles - Mill Jet

Mill jet coolant nozzle which is adjustable with 90 deg articulation. Max 6,7 bar.

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