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Hand Tools

Spanners & Wrenches

Hillcliff has a range of industrial DIN hand tools from socket wrenches, hook spanners, pin face spanners and drill drifts. Suitable for many applications and available in various sizes.

Chamfering Tools

Chamfering tools make it possible to perform very high quality concentric chamfering very quickly and without risk of cutting into the work-piece. Hillcliff offers chamfering tools that can chamfer inner & outer.

Chip Hooks

Chip hooks are ideal for removing swaft and chips safely from in and around the work-piece as well as the machine bed. The long arm will minimise the risk to operator while safely removing the material build up.


Mallets & Hammers

Hillcliff has an extensive range of hammers and mallets suitable for most industries. The mallets have a range of inter-changeable inserts enabling one mallet to cover an array of applications.

More Workholding


Vertical Clamping

A range of vertical clamps that extert high clamping forces with adjustable height settings.

Heavy-Duty Side Clamping

Heavy duty, low height clamps that can hold up to 2.2 tons.

Bore & Shaft Clamping

Unique clamps that allow you to hold internal bores and eccentric shafts.

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