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Low Profile Clamps

Pitbull Clamps - CL0010

CL0010 Pitbull clamps

The pitbull clamp gives you positive down force with holding forces up to 50kN, the option of blunt and knife edge faces dependant of the type of machining.

Talon Grip Clamps - CL0020

CL0020 Talon Grips Clamps

The talongrip clamp offers a grip height of 1,5 to 3,0 mm and will bite in to the workpeice. It allows aggressive clamping and if often used in conjuntion with the pitbull clamps.

Fixture Clamps - CL0040

CL0040 Fixture Clamps

A cam action low profile clamp that has a height range of 2,8 to 12,7mm. The fixture clamps provide a quick and fast workholding solution that can be used in mulit compoent machining.

Machinable Fixture Clamps - CL0050

CL0050 Machinable Fixture Clamps

The machinable fixture clamp can be used to hold irregular parts as the face of the clamp can be machined to suit the workpiece which is also can be achived on the machinable pitbull clamp CL0012.

Versagrip Clamps - CL0026

CL0026 Versagrip Clamps

The Versgrip clamps will agressively bite into the workpiece with its penertrating teeth preventing movement of the workpiece. This clamp can be purchsased as part of a set with vice jaws.

Vice Jaw Versagrip Clamps - CL0028

CL0028 Vice Jaw Versagrip Clamps

The vice jaw set for versagrip clamps comes with a pair of jaws and 4 clamps which is a simple bolt on system. There is also a vice jaw set available for the talongrip clamp which is Product code CL0022.

Mini Clamps - CL0030

CL0030 Mini Clamps

The mini clamps are a very low profile clamp that use unique fingers to push up to the workpeice generating up to 4000n of clamping force.

Mini Clamp Stops - CL0032

CL0032 Mini Clamp Stops

The mini clamp stop is normally used in conjuntion with the mini clamp CL0030 and is available as a single or double version stop.

More Low Profile

Clamping Products

CL0080 - Uniforce Clamps

A very effective clamp when multi component clamping

CL0068 T-Slot Clamps

The t-slot clamps used in machine tables.

CL0064 - T-slot Toe Clamps

The toe slot clamps produce positive downhold action.

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