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Pitbull Clamps - CL0010

CL0010 Pitbull clamps

The Mitee-bite pitbull clamp generates incrediable holding forces from such a low profile clamp. Also available with a machinable profile.

Talon Grips Clamps - CL0020

CL0020 Talon Grips Clamps

The Mitee-bite Talongrip clamps are used in tricky applications where low height aggresssive clamping is needed.

Fixture Clamps - CL0042

CL0042 Fixture Clamps

The Mitee-bite Fixture clamps in stainless steel is a compact size hexagonal clamp great for maximising parts being clamped.

Knife Edge Clamps - CL0044

CL0044 Knife Edge Clamps

The Mitee-bite Knife edge clamps are used when clamping uneven components as they bite in to the workpiece.

Dyna-Force Clamps - CL0052

CL0052 Dyna-Force Clamps

The Mitee-bite dyna-force clamps are a very low profile powerful clamp that exerts down force aswell as its holding force of up to 14kN.

Toe Clamps - CL0062

CL0062 Toe Clamps

The Mitee-bite Toe clamps can be used to make back to back series of work pieces utilising the back surface of a clamp.

T-Slot Toe Clamps - CL0064

CL0064 T-Slot Toe Clamps

The Mitee-bite T-slot Toe clamps designed for machine tables with slots whilst maintaining it low profile structure.

T-Slot Clamps - CL0068

CL0068 T-Slot Clamps

The Mitee-bite T-slot Clamps works on a cam action whilst combining up with a t-nut to utilise the machine bed slots.

Uniforce Clamps - CL0080

CL0080 Uniforce Clamps

The Mitee-bite uniforce clamps are very effective when holding two parts giving an equal amount of force. Can also be carbinated on request.

Machinable Uniforce Clamps - CL0083

CL0083 Machinable Uniforce Clamps

The Mitee-bite machinable uniforce clamps work on the same basis are the normal uniforce but allow you to machine the face of the jaw to suit the workpiece.

ID Xpansion Clamps - CL2520

CL2520 ID Xpansion Clamps

The Mitee-bite ID Xpansion Clamps will hold the workpiece by the inner diamter of the bore and are used for high density machining on mills.

Xpansion Clamps - Side Loc - CL2524

CL2524 Xpansion Clamps - Side-Loc

The Mitee-bite Side-Loc Xpanision Clamps are used when clamping on blind holes and are actuated from the side of the clamp using the cam shaft.

More Low Profile

Clamping Products

CL0080 - Uniforce Clamps

A very effective clamp when multi component clamping

CL0068 T-Slot Clamps

The t-slot clamps used in machine tables.

CL0064 - T-slot Toe Clamps

The toe slot clamps produce positive downhold action.

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