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Standard Manual Clamping

Plain Clamps - CL0510

Our plain clamps are in heat-treated steel and can be used with t-bolts, washers and nuts.

Adjustable Plain Clamps - CL0511

The Adjustable plain clamps come supplied with or without t-slot bolt and supplied with a height adjsuting screw.

Goose-Neck Clamps - CL0515

The goose-neck clamps do not protrude far into the top of workpeice leaving the surface almost free for machining.

Adjustable Goose-Neck Clamps - CL0516

The Adjustable goose-neck clamps with or without t-slot bolt and suppied with a height adjusting screw.

Step Clamps - CL0522

The hillcliff step clamps are only to be used with step blocks FP1750 which provcide a fully supported clamp.

Finger Clamps - CL0530

The finger clamps are a low profile slotted clamp that is ideal for locating inside a component whilist clamping.

Stepless Adjustable Clamps - CL0550

The Stepless adjustable clamps are ideal for press tools offering a range of clamping heights used with fixturing parts.

Stepless Adjustable Clamps - CL0552

The Stepless adjustable clamps long slot version ideal for press tools and to be used with a t-slot bolt and collar nut.

T-Slot Bolts - FP0310

Hillcliff offers two types of t-slot bolts one in a strength class 8,8/10 and the extra strength version in 12,9 class.

Collar Nuts - FP0332

Our collar nuts are heat treated steel in strength class 10 with a thread range from M6 up to M48.

More Workholding


CL0080 - Uniforce Clamps

A very effective clamp when multi component clamping

CL0068 T-slot Clamps

The t-slot clamps used in machine tables.

CL0064 - T-slot Toe Clamps

The toe slot clamps produce positive download action.

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