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Tooling Balls

Your confidence in the inspection and measuring of semi-machined components, between the CNC and the CMM, can be greatly enhanced with the use of Hillcliff tooling and inspection balls. The high precision concentricity of the balls provide excellent reference points for inspection applications.

Inspection Balls - Imperial - FP0200

Short shank - One piece construction. Used as reference points for inspection applications.

Inspection Balls Set - Imperial

Inspection Balls set - Imperial. Made from Steel.

Precision Balls - Imperial - FP0204

Slip-fit, shoulder type precision balls. Made from hardened steel. Imperial.

Tooling Balls - Imperial - FP0208

Tools balls - Imperial. Shoulder type with one piece construction. Made of hardened steel.

Tooling Balls - Standard - Imperial - FP0210

Standard imperial tooling balls. One piece construction. Hardened Steel.

Construction Balls - Imperial & Metric - FP0212

Imperial and Metric shoulder type construction balls. Made of hardened steel.

Tooling Balls - Imperial - FP0213

Maded from cabide. Used as a reference point for inspection applications in conjunction with CMMs.

Tapped Hole Location Gauages - Imperial - FP0230

Made from steel, these location gauges are used to accurately measure the distance between two tapped holes in a workpiece.

More Workholding


Vertical Clamping

A range of vertical clamps that extert high clamping forces with adjustable height settings.

Heavy-Duty Side Clamping

Heavy duty, low height clamps that can hold up to 2.2 tons.

Bore & Shaft Clamping

Unique clamps that allow you to hold internal bores and eccentric shafts.

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