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Low Profile Clamps

Low Profile Clamping

A comprehensive range of low profile clamps that are suitable for Low height components. Some features include; down force, multi-component clamping, bunt and knife edge clamps.

Standard Clamps

Standard Clamping

The more traditional type of clamps for manual workholding solutions with a varied range. Some of the range include; plain clamps, forked clamps and fingers clamps.

Adjustable Vertical Clamps

Adjustable Vertical Clamps

Our range of high quality adjustable vertical clamps are used for over height clamping and can provide clamping forces up to 50kN.

Heavy-Duty Side Clamps

Heavy-Duty Side Clamps

Our range of heavy-duty side clamps are very powerful, compact and offer up to 2.2 tons of clamping force.

Clamping Bores and Shafts

Clamping Bores and Shafts

Hillcliff gives you various workholding solutions when clamping bores and shafts such as chain clamps for large diameter work pieces and internal clamps to hold internal bores.

Eccentric & Cam Clamps

Eccentric & Cam Clamps

If you need quick and easy clamping that is from the side or top of the component, we have multiple eccentric & cam clamps that will offer you the solution that you need.

More Workholding


SL0052 Vice System

High manufacturing tolerances and high quality vice systems

SL0410 Palletising Systems

Set up multiple pallets for quick change

SL1012 Gauging and Inspection

An extensive range of CMM fixturing products.

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Low Profile Clamping

There are many low profile clamps within the range that offer side and down force clamping, clamps that can bite into the work piece for extra grip as well as smooth faces that won't mark.

Do you need down force? Pitbull clamps offer down force clamping, holding forces up to 50kN

Do you need to achieve multi-component clamping? Fixture clamps offer fast, strong and multi component clamping.

Do you need T-slot clamps? T-slot toe clamps give a positive downhold action with the option of smooth or serrated faces.

Many more options are available, see the range of Low Profile Clamps Here

Standard Clamping

Hillcliff standard clamping range is the engineers more traditional style of workholding solutions. These high quality clamps can be used in lots of applications especially if you need to clamp in areas that are difficult to get into. We have a wide range of fixturing parts to complement this range such as studs, t-slot bolts and collar nuts. Click here to see our range of fixturing range.

Some of the products within this range...

CL0510 - Plain Clamps

CL0516 - Adjustable Goose Neck-Clamps

CL0550 - Stepless Adjustable Clamps

Adjustable Vertical Clamps

We have a varied range over clamping products that are suitable for all types of applications and tricky situations.

Some of the products within this range...

CL1600 - Mono Bloc Clamp - Multi purpose clamping
Multi-purpose clamping with forces up to 16kN

CL1670 - Maxi Block - Heavy Duty machining
Heavy Duty machining with clamping forces up to 35kN.

CL1710 - Down Thrust Clamps
Offers rapid clamping and easy removal of the work piece.

Heavy-Duty Side Clamps

Most of our clamps within this range use a unique "three finger “profile which pull down the work piece and clamp all in the same motion. The two outer fingers will pull down the component whilst the solid finger in the middle of the setup will produce the side clamping. There is a smooth and serrated face availlable dependant on your application.

Some of the products within this range...

CL2040 - 2.2 Tons Clamp
Low height and a very powerful clamp. Sideways and downwards forces.

CL2150 - Clamping Jaws - Extra Strong
Offers forwards and downwards clamping. Jaws are reversible giving the option of serrated or smooth faces when clamping.

CL2154 - Clamping jaws - Low height
A low height and powerful clamp that comes in pairs. Holding forces up to 40kN

Clamping bores and Shafts

We have a range of workholding products to clamp bores and shafts quickly and securely with strong clamping forces.

Some of the products within this range...

CL2520 - ID Xpansion Clamp
Are used to hold components with an internal bore for high consistency machining.

CL2532 - Internal Centering Clamps
For casts and forgings when precise self-centering clamping.

CL2510 - Chain Clamp Sets
For clamping large diameter workpieces achieving clamping forces of up to 16kN. Bespoke lengths of chain can be requested.

Eccentric & Cam Clamps

If you need quick and easy workholding with repositioning these clamps will surely give you a solution.

Some of the products within this range...

CL2602 - Eccentric Clamps - Side Edge
Quick and Easy side edge clamps that can be rotated to a position to suit the operator.

CL2604 - Eccentric Clamps - Top/bottom surface
Available in steel or stainless steel and have the option to clamp the top or bottom of the workpiece.

CL2610 - Eccentric Levers
Two types available which are fixed or adjustable which offers easy access also in a male version.

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