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Threaded Inserts

Threaded Insert - TI2010

General Industrial Insert - TI2010

A heavy duty insert that is an ideal solution for strengthening a parent hole or to repair a damaged thread.

Solid Threaded Insert - TI2040

Solid Threaded Insert - TI2040

Our solid inserts are quick and easy to install without the need of any specialist tools. Ideal to protect any exposed threads by plugging the thread.

Thinwall Threaded Insert - TI2000

Thinwall Insert - TI2000

Thinwall inserts are an inexpensive option to giving a parent hole more strength. There is slight variation between its outside and inside diamters whilist they still offer substanial strength.

Heavy Duty Threaded Insert - TI2002

Heavy-Duty Threaded Insert - TI2002

Within our range of heavy duty inserts you will find metric, steel and stainless inserts that are also available in imperial thread sizes.

TI2024 - Threaded Inserts

Extra Heavy Duty Inserts - TI2024

Our extra heavy duty inserts are ideal for soft materials as they will rapidly increase the strength of the hole.

Heavy Duty Threaded Insert Installation Tools

Threaded Inserts Tools - TI2058

Use the specified installation tool to push down the drive keys with serveral hammer taps. Use the thread inserts datatable to identify the correct tool.

More Fixturing


Bolts, Nuts, Washers

Bolts, nuts and washers available in various sizes and materials.

Self-Aligning Grippers

A wide range of carbide grippers and self aligning pads available.

Locating Pins

Locating and seating pins used as stops and support elements.

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