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Mono Block Clamps - CL1600

CL1600 Mono Block Clamps

The Kopal Mono Bloc Clamps are multi-purpose and uses its aluminium swivel shoe to push down on the top of the workpiece providing upto 16kN clamping force.

Piccolo Clamps - CL1630

CL1630 Piccolo Clamps

The Kopal Piccolo Clamps are used for over height clamping with its compact structure you will benefit from its power of upto 6.2kN of clamping force.

Duo Clamps - CL1640

CL1640 Duo Clamps

The Kopal Duo Clamp has two types of arm that allows lifting and clamping capability to be achieved.

Big Block Clamps - CL1650

CL1650 Big Block Clamps

The Kopal Big Block clamps allow very high clamping height and have 5 postions where the arm can be indexed for quick height adjustments.

Retractable Arm Clamps - CL1660

CL1660 Retractable Arm Clamps

The Terrific clamps with retractable arm makes quick change over possible with high clamping forces of 11kN.

Maxi Block Clamps - CL1670

CL1670 Maxi Block Clamps

The Kopal Maxi-Bloc Clamps are compact, powerful and used in very heavy maching as it exerts clamping forces of upto 35kN.

Bloca Press Clamps - CL1680

CL1680 Bloca Press Clamps

The Kopal Blocapress Clamps are made from hardened steel which make them ideal to clamp press tools with clamping forces of 50kN.

Chain Clamp Sets - CL2510

CL2510 Chain Clamp Sets

The Kopal Chain Clamp Sets make easy work out of clamping large diamter workpieces with a simple turn of a key.

More Coolant


CN0900 Pressure Max Nozzles

High Velocity angled coolant nozzle that has 70 deg articulation max. 100 bar

CN0800 Black Eye Coolant Nozzles

Spherical coolant nozzle which is easy to aim with or without a threaded bore. Max 10 bar.

CN0824 Coolant Nozzles - Mill Jet

Mill jet coolant nozzle which is adjustable with 90 deg articulation. Max 6,7 bar.

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