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T-Slot Bolts & Studs

Essentials for the machine shop, we supply a wide range of t-slot bolts, studs, t-nuts, collar nuts, washers and more from M6 through to M42. Hardened to tensile strength class 8.8 and 10.9 and with rolled thread, Hillcliff’s t-slot bolts and studs offer you the greatest confidence during machining.

Clamping T-Slot Bolts - FP0310

T-Slot bolts in strength class 8,8/10,9 made from forged steel with rolled thread. Suitable fixture nuts & washers FP0330,FP0332 and FP0340.

Clamping Rhombus T-Slot Bolts - FP0311

Unique T-slot bolt combines the integral strength of a one piece t-bolt, with the functionality of a rhombus type t-nut. Rolled thread and made from heat-treated steel.

Clamping T-Slot Bolts - Extra Strength - FP0312

T-slot bolts in extra strength class 12,9 for where increased clamping forces will be used. Rolled thread with t-slot faces milled, made from forged steel.

Clamping Studs - FP0315

Standard strength class studs in either 8,8 or 10,9 dependant on the thread size. Made from forged steel with rolled threads.

Clamping Studs - Extra Strength - FP0316

Extra strength class studs in 12,9 to DIN6379, used when high clamping forces are needed. Made from forged steel with rolled thread.

Longer Length Clamping Studs - FP0317

Longer length Studs than DIN 6379 which are available in strength class 8,8. Longer thread length provides added security when high forces are used.

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Vertical Clamping

A range of vertical clamps that extert high clamping forces with adjustable height settings.

Heavy-Duty Side Clamping

Heavy duty, low height clamps that can hold up to 2.2 tons.

Bore & Shaft Clamping

Unique clamps that allow you to hold internal bores and eccentric shafts.

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